Flat roofs have slopes less than 15 degrees, and ideally they shouldn’t be absolutely flat. In order to prevent water pooling flat roofs should have a slope of at least 1 in 80 so that the rain is able to run off the edge.


Here at Pro Fix Roof Care Ltd we have extensive expertise and experience in repairing and installing a range of flat roof systems for domestic and commercial customer across Farnham and all surrounding regions including; Cobham,Chessington, Weybridge, Walton, East Mosley, New Malden, Kingston, Hersham, and Esher


There are a variety of different kinds of flat roofing systems commonly used in the U.K., and whilst modern flat roofing systems can be trouble free for in excess of 30 years, many older flat roofs constructions develop problems much faster and subsequently start to leak which can lead to serious problems such as rotting timber, mould and extensive damage to brickwork and plaster.


Torch on felt roofing


This roof system usually has three layers, vapour control layer, 2 mm reinforced felt layer, and a 4 mm cap felt layer which comes in two finishes; either a mineral flack finish, or plain bitumen ready to accept solar reflective paint. All of the felt layers are welded together using a large blowtorch. This type of roof would typically be guaranteed for 10 to 20 years and is cheapest option. These roofs can often be repaired and patched relatively straightforward.


EPDM rubber roof system


A major advantage of this roofing system is that it can usually be installed in one simple layer without the need for any joins and it is attached to the deck using an adhesive. EPDM is light weight as well as very tough, and if treated well can last anywhere from around 25 to 50 years. Although more expensive than torch on felt roofing, it is still a highly affordable solution.


Modern Fiberglass/GRP Roofing Systems


A GRP/fiberglass roof could be the ideal solution for you if your roof requires modernising or is in need of replacing. They are extremely durable, weigh less than conventional slate or tiled roofs and are simple to install. Fiberglass roof systems have ever increasingly become very popular today. Reason for their popularity include;


  • They can be installed on any roof, on any property
  • They last longer than conventional roofs
  • You can choose a style or design to suit your property
  • They protect against fire as well as sunlight
  • There are no joints so therefore no possibility of leaks


All of our expert Surrey roofers here at Pro Fix Roof Care Ltd are trained and skilled at professionally installing GRP fiberglass roofing systems, so there are no problems with successful installation.


Choosing the wrong roofing company can cost a lot of money in putting bad work right, therefore getting it right is crucial. Contact your local Farnham flat roof specialists today here at Pro Fix Roof Care Ltd.

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